Triple B Plumbing and Heating specializes in commercial plumbing and heating projects. Past clients include Walmart, Superstore, Staples, Cascades Casino, Safeway, Rona, and Home Depot.

Budget Pricing

Triple B can submit budget pricing to suit your mechanical needs for your project. This pricing will be done quickly and priced to include your drawings and designs that are available. These costs can be broken down or as a total pricing to allow for alterations of the building to work within the owner’s budget. Equipment and suppliers can be named if not included to insure pricing is based on a system that is acceptable to the owner and designer.

Fix Pricing

We will provide pricing for any plans you have that are designed by a mechanical engineer for Division 15. Our pricing will be as per plans and specification, while noting any deletions that are included in other divisions. We are committed in providing very competitive pricing that our forces will complete as per your original schedule. Any changes from the consultant are priced fair and fast so they can be approved quickly to avoid delays to the owner’s schedules.

Design Built

We will provide a team to design a plumbing and HVAC system as your needs. We can provide mechanical engineer companies to design systems from your architectural drawings. These engineered drawings will be used to complete your project, and we will meet all codes and standards. The installation of the plumbing and HVAC system will conform to these drawings and completed as per original schedule. All this work will be included in a lump sum price.